Learning How to Analyze Social Media

ninkasi-logo-128At the beginning of this term, our class was assigned to conduct a social media audit and conversation analysis for a company or organization of our choice, along with three of its competitors. My group of four, including Nicole Ibarra, Heaven Lampshire and Grant Templeton, decided to do our project on Ninkasi Brewing Company – a microbrewery based in Eugene, Ore., that makes and sells locally oriented craft beer.

Ninkasi Brewing Company is striving to “Perpetuate Better Living” through good beer and a happy lifestyle. Ninkasi has taken this phrase and branded it into the company, giving it a happy-go-lucky feel that carries through all of its communication channels. The five social media channels we examined include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. At the client’s request, we examined the social media channels of Ninkasi’s main competitors: Lagunitas Brewing Company, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and New Belgium Brewing Company.

For each channel, with the exception of YouTube, the time frame in which we examined the content was a one-month period between March 15, 2013, and April 15, 2013. These platforms all had large amounts of data, allowing a one-month period to be sufficient. We examined YouTube from the creation of the channel to the present due to the little amount of data.

Each one of us was responsible for a different platform – I examined Facebook. Our mission was to measure the social media engagement and interaction for each platform of all four companies, and then to discuss how they match up against each other. The results provided valuable information for Ninkasi that will allow it to analyze its strengths and weaknesses in regard to online consumer engagement. Ninkasi can then use this research to further improve its social media practices in order to utilize online platforms to their full potential.

Overall, we learned that all of the social media portrays Ninkasi as fun and casual. Most posts had something to do with beer, and those were the most engaging posts in comparison to the posts about events. When comparing Ninkasi to its competitors, we found that Ninkasi posts more frequently than them on most platforms. However, we also discovered that its competitors receive more interaction than Ninkasi on most platforms. We concluded that Ninkasi does a great job engaging with its audience and providing it with information and feedback, and Ninkasi could benefit even more by integrating a few marketing strategies and promotions into its social media channels.

Take a look at one of Ninkasi’s biggest social media posts, the “Ninkasi Harlem Shake” YouTube video – it’s hilarious!


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