Designing Infographics

This past week, I designed an infographic for my first time. The infographic was a class assignment intended to persuade people to do something or believe something. Infographics have become extremely popular, as social media has grown. They are perfect for sharing around the web. What makes infographics so popular and powerful is that they leverage two things that the web spreads very well – visuals and data. Good infographics turn data into a meaningful story.

To help me create my infographic, I followed some tips I read from Michael Estrin’s blog post. Here are the key points I took away from the process:

1. Keep it organized: Make sure your data are organized hierarchically so it is easy for the reader to see the important information first.

2. Keep it simple: Use one to three easy-to-read fonts. Use only a few colors that complement each other.

3. Keep it engaging: Don’t use too much data or else you may overwhelm the reader. Pictures and graphics are a must – they will grab the reader’s attention and reinforce the message.

Below is the infographic I designed. Let me know what you think!


My Infographic


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